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Happy Easter!

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

I hope to inspire some of you to be fun, creative, and to use things you have around your home in new and creative ways. Never be afraid to try it!

Easter is a religious holiday, but it is also subconsciously giving us the hope that spring is right around the corner. Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere, we can open our windows for that wonderful fresh air and soon we can plant our gardens. So, peek into your garden things and don’t be afraid to use them for decorating your home for Easter.

Notice in this picture I used a lantern from outside. I replaced the candle with a rabbit I had and set him on a green wreath I normally use at Christmas around a candle.

Go to your local garden center or of course Amazon and pick up one or two items that can be the focal point of your table and then use smaller items to decorate around them. When I decorate a table, I think about what EACH person sees when they sit down. I want THAT person to feel like I really thought about them. Make it personal! Put something small above the plate that they will notice and enjoy looking at. Try and do a little something different at each setting. For my Easter table I did a different plant that each person will get to take home with them.

Make sure your centerpieces are never too high that obstructs your view of the person across from you, unless you really don’t want to talk to them and then of course build it high!

The plates I am using are from Pottery Barn; they are the sweetest bunnies. They have every dish you can imagine for this set.

I also found napkins at Pottery Barn that match perfectly with the plates. They are SKU # 5683011

I placed the napkins in a long rectangle under the plate, or you can get a small birds nest from your local craft store, which I found at Michaels. You can get some small eggs while you’re there and attach them to an inexpensive napkin ring.

While I was at Joanne Fabric store I found these large carrots and decided to tie them to the chair as a decoration. The rest are some other pictures that I hope inspire you to try new things and enjoy your Easter!