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Sweet  Home  Amy

I have designed a website that covers topics I am passionate about: helping others find a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, fun DIY projects/gifts and decorating around your home. I will introduce you to simple products that even the busiest moms can use or make, products that actually work and that will replace toxic items in your home. I hope to inspire you with home decorating ideas and to give you alternative health resources that I know challenge mainstream offerings. I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting my website and encourage you to check back often for new updates. Please feel free to email me, I look forward to hearing from you.


Sweet  Home  Amy


to the amazingly healthy, addictive world

of Essential Oils

the Young Living Family!

“I have seen essential oils solve health problems that doctors had labeled 'unsolvable'. I’ve seen illnesses and infections disappear that had long resisted prescription drugs. I’ve witnessed essential oils provide powerful relief with no side effect. Sometimes the effects of administering essential oils were so dramatic that the patients themselves called it 'miraculous'. And while no one fully understands yet ‘why’ or ‘how’ essential oils provide such significant benefits, the fact is that they do. With pure essential oils, millions of people can find relief from disease, infections, pain and even from mental difficulties. Their therapeutic potential is enormous and is only just beginning to be tapped.”

- D. Gary Young, ND

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